Maternity Photos & Week 37 Pregnancy Update

Hey Loves! Today I wanted to share with you my maternity photos taken by my amazing cousin Latoya of Latoya Flowers Photography. Latoya has been a photographer for years now. She currently works for the Alder Planetarium, here in Chicago, as a photographer/videographer. Last month, when Latoya mentioned she was ready to start her on own side business and photograph memories for others, I couldn't wait to get her to shoot my maternity pics. I've been wanting her to start her own biz for the LONGEST!!! But she'd always say "I'm not about that entrepreneur, starving artist life." LOL, she's finally crossed over!

I love how our photos came out. Because it's so late in my pregnancy, I didn't want to take my time to figure out a place, what to wear, etc. I also knew that Chicago weather is so iffy and it could get cold outside any minute. So one Sunday, we just chose to hurry up and get them done. Zhane Mary Ann did my hair and makeup and I grabbed whatever I could out our closet as long as it had pink, duh!

This is week 37 for us! That means 2 more weeks and 1 more day until my due date of November 2nd. Baby is about 19-22 inches and approximately 6.5lbs. These days, it's so hard to move around, get out of the bed or out of a chair without having to be pulled up. I also find myself more comfortable sitting upright to sleep than laying on my side. He's feels so heavy! Whatever side I turn to that's what side he goes to. I'm not as sleepy anymore but I do get tired fast while trying to cook, clean up, or walk around too long. I start to get braxton hicks when I get too active as well. I don't want him to come too early or before my cousin Ashley's babyshower, sooo I'm trying to take it easy until Saturday. After that, I'm walking every day!!


Baby wakes up between 11pm and 12 midnight every night like clockwork. Around this time I think he's learning Karate. So, I'm up until about 1am or 2am when he decides to go back to sleep. This trimester I'm not really craving anything. As far as symptoms goes, when I lay down, I do tend to sometimes get acid re-flux or feel as though I'm about to throw up. 

He hasn't dropped yet but I think he'll be here before November 2. Because I had a C-Section with Leah, I was told I will more than likely have to have another but I can possibly deliver naturally, it all depends. With Leah, she just would not go past 6 centimeters and after 20 hours they decided to do an emergency C-Section. As it gets closer, I am a little nervous but I know everything will be fine.


This week I'm fixing up his little space and packing up his bag for the hospital. I'll keep you guys updated!