Sugar Crave: Mini Donut Cafe


The hubs has been working on Saturdays now for the past few weeks! Today for me was shampoo and clean up day until he got home. I've been getting a little tired of taking Leah to Dunkin Donuts to use her DD gift card she got for her birthday🙄. So, I told her there was a new donut spot in the neighborhood. She prefers we all do things together. That, and the fact that she's a daddy's girl, meant we had to wait for the mister to get off work before going out and about.


At Mini Donut Cafe you can choose your own toppings on mini donuts with the option of plain or powdered sugar. The treat sort of reminds me of funnel cake. They also have coffee, icecream, shakes, and smoothies. The donuts are made to order. You can get 6 minis for $3.49 or a dozen minis for $5.49 and choose from 15 flavors. There are bucket packages too!


I chose Caramel Crave, the hubz chose Oreo Trouble, and Leah chose the Mini's Mystery in which she got to create her own thing. She decided on vanilla and sprinkles.





The good thing about everyone choosing different kinds is that we got to taste each one. We liked all of them but I think mine was the best (it might be just me tho, I have a serious relationship with Caramel🤗).



I'm sure we will be back there again. I swear I wanted more after. Leah wants to go choose another flavor so the experience of mixing her own toppings was a good one. The look she gave me when I told her "you could have added marshmallows" ...PRICELESS.


Mini Donut Cafe is located on 7000 SouthWest Highway, Chicago Ridge, IL.

It wasn't busy, but that's because it just opened. I found out about it while looking up my pizza spot on Grub Hub. It's located off a busy highway, so you can pass it up if you're not paying attention. It's not made for a lot of people to sit inside and eat but there are a few spots to sit and pull out your laptop and work. They also cater, so it's a perfect dessert idea for Birthdays.

Although, it's small and something new, I'm excited to see its opportunity of growth being that Donuts remain a top trend these days.

Love, TL Hayden

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