3 Reasons Grocery Shopping From PeaPod Works For the Working Girl + Stay At Home Moms

Just got my grocery order in today and thought I'd fill you in on what it's like shopping PeaPodPeaPod is an online grocery store website and app that delivers groceries to your home. I've been using the service since I gave birth to Leah and instantly fell in love with it. At the time, we only had one car which my husband used for work.  I've never been a fan of grocery shopping especially with a kid so it's kind of convenient. I get asked a lot if PeaPod is really worth it and aren't they expensive... here's my opinion and 3 reasons why I use them.


Convenience: #1 I hate lines! I'm currently preggers with baby number 2 and I have a 5 year old. Leah loves to reach and ask for a billion things in the store. She's also not a fan of sitting in the cart anymore. Plus, with this belly it's getting a bit tiresome walking around for groceries, putting them in the car, taking them out, etc. With Peapod I order online, choose my delivery day, and they bring all the groceries right to my kitchen. This gives me extra time to do other things within my day. It's also perfect for us during the winter and snow days.

Quality: I love  the quality of their fresh produce. Since I've been shopping from them, I've never gotten a bad batch of fruit or anything else. For example, each strawberry is always red and juicy, not one rotten strawberry in the pack. Call me picky but I love that. When I go shopping at other stores a few may be bad or the pack are no longer looking fresh after two days. Either that or the fruit isn't sweet or the grapes don't have that little soft crunch like Leah and my husband would like. It's almost like each fresh produce is picked and checked before given.

Price: There is a minimum order of $60.After doing some research, PeaPod's pricing is just the same as shopping from some of our local grocery stores such as Jewels and Meijers. They are not less than places such as Walmart or Ultra, but there are ways to save. Not only do they have a sale section but they also double your manufacturer coupons up to .99cents, this is how we save the most.

You pay the price online (sale or full price) and give the driver your coupons and order number in an envelope, the price difference is then credited back to your form of payment within 10 days. There are also cheaper delivery times and dates. I take advantage of those times too. The delivery hours may be longer with this choice but if you're home alot like I am, it works and I get to save a few more dollars.

To save even more with PeaPod I also use sites and apps such as Savings Star, Ibotta, Coupons.com, and Redplum.

Because we have a tendency to throw things in the cart that wasn't on our list, using Peapod helps me stick to our budget and spend exactly what I want. ( The hubby and Leah are known for throwing extra stuff in the cart!) I find when we grocery shop I always end up spending way more than what I expected and when I send Charles, he just throws things in the basket, without even checking the price :-|(makes me mad all the time). I still shop at other stores when there's a great deal going on, but I use Peapod as my main source. I use to be soooo unorganized, lol. I'm still learning but using Peapod, coupons and organizing our shopping lists, have helped us stick to our budget.

This service is great for professionals, working parents, moms with babies, etc. who don't mind the trade-off for paying a little more for convenience and time.