This weekend is Leah's birthday weekend! Every year she has a birthday party and this year I decided no party. We love birthday's and we take it very serious around here, well at least I do. So, to make up for it, she was told every weekend this month we can do whatever she wants. We're in saving mode, trying to pay off debts, in hopes of focusing on buying a house soon. Plus I figured instead of spending $300 on a party for one day why not let her do things she's never done or go places she's never been. 


Today we took her to The Children's Farm at the Center in Palos Park. I take mental notes on things she see's, wants, and ask to do. I remember last month she asked me if she could go to a petting zoo after watching a family visit one on you-tube. I'm rolling my eyes because I'm not sure why kids these days have this thing about watching other kids play.  Anyway, I had no idea there was a petting zoo/farm so close to us.

She loves animals so I knew she'd enjoy it. Let's not talk about the time she held a huge snake without any fear.  The Children's Farm cost $6 per person over the age of two. It's family owned and volunteers from the area help take care of the animals and serve as tour guides. Everyone was very friendly and and shared information to the kids about the animals personality, what they ate, etc. Included in the $6 is a hayride and pony ride. There's also a garden and a store not to far where you can purchase items they grow, eggs that come straight from the coop, milk, honey (there's a bee keeper on the premise) and more. Good to know I can get fresh milk and eggs from animals that I know are being well taken care of.

Leah's favorite part about the farm were the coop that included chickens, hens, and roosters and also the pony ride. As for Joseph, he was cool with everything except the potbelly pig. How ironic when he's been called a "POTBELLY PIG" at some time or another.

Leah wants to go back, and because it's so close to our place,we will probably be there often. We might even decide to volunteer. It was just that fun, we give it 4 stars! :-)