Tuesday Ten: Back 2 School Shopping with Kohls

Leah's back to school wardrobe is finally complete. Kohl's is one of my favorite places to shop for the kids. There's always a sale and when an additional coupon code is used plus the Kohl's charge card, we always end up spending half of what the total was in the cart.


If you never heard me mention it before, Leah hates JEANS! She also hates for me to pick out her clothes to wear. Kohl's has so many graphic tees, cute leggings with patterns, and sets, that it makes it easy in the morning for her to have fun mixing and matching her clothes. 

Their wide range and assortment of clothing is perfect for my picky little monster. I can't tell you how many jeans I've purchased or she has gotten for her birthday but refuses to wear them because she doesn't like how they feel. She's now 6, with a whole lot of personality. So now, I just let her pick out her own clothes, because at least I know she'll wear them without any issues and I'm not wasting any more (INSERT CURSE WORD HERE) money!

Here's our round up of our top 10 faves she got for school


Love, TL Hayden