Joseph's 8th Month Update

Hey All! Ok so I haven't been doing these updates like I wanted to so there's a lot to catch you up on, but I'll try and keep it short. My little one, Joseph is now 8 months!!! Excuse the gremlin's face at the top. He started teething around 6 months and his front lower teeth finally broke through their gums about TWO weeks ago.

He started scooting (not crawling) around 6 months and is still doing it. If you ask me, he's just being lazy. I've caught him crawling plenty within the past month or so but then he goes right back to scooting I guess its faster for him to get to things. No matter how much we sit him back up and push his knees to crawl he resorts back to scooting. SO ANNOYING.

He started responding to his name at 6 months and he is now saying Ba-Ba! (FIRST WORDS) 

He talks a lot of gibberish and mic mics us a lot now. We vacuumed one day and now he does the annoying little sound of our vacuum too.

His favorite cartoons are Blues Clues, Curious George, and Octonauts.

We started him on baby food at 6 months. I give him one small container for breakfast and one at dinner. He's still needs to drink formula more than anything for nutrition. He is currently in his grabbing stage. So since he now has teeth I also give him little cookie bar snacks to eat on. So far, he has tasted icecream, cake, chicken, pineapple and rib tips.

We're currently in the process of getting him a high chair to eat now. Usually I just sit him in his rocking swing and lock it. Now that he can grab food and eat with his teeth, a high chair it is!

He has also started pulling up on things to stand up. So it's time to lower his crib, otherwise he can't be left alone. This week he's been getting off the couch on his own without falling. He struggles a bit but we keep pillows on the floor and let him figure it out until he lands on his feet. Once he lands, he stands and walks along the couch while holding on.

So, we're getting him a walker this week too! I'll keep you updated on our choices and pick...

Right now he has this thing that hangs from the door which he uses to dance, jump, and play in to work those little leg muscles, even though he has continued to be lazy! We purchased this around 4 months once he was able to keep his head up.

Click one of the images below to get the Jumper-Roo

Love, TL Hayden

P.S. I'd love to know what your little one is doing, please share...