Weekend Recap June 3rd-4th

OMG! I think this good Chicago weather is here to stay! Did you enjoy National Donuts Day on Friday! I'd show you pics of the donuts we got, but they didn't last long enough!

This Saturday, The kids and I got a chance to shoot a few pics with Briyana of Girl Meets Curl and The Nefertiti Collection.

Bri is a new mom starting her own business focusing on natural hair care. She first started using her own mixes of oils and butters for her son Sebastian who has had a mild case of ecxema. When she noticed his hair was only growing in certain areas, she decided to do something about it. We can't wait for her to finish bottling up her recipes for others to use. 

The kids and I have been using her products since the beginning of this year. Since then I can see a change within all of our hair.


I've always had a problem keeping Leah's hair moisturized. Her products helped with that and her hair growth. Joseph was born with a full head of hair and then it just stopped growing in the back. I'm guessing maybe it was the blanket and the part he always laid on when sleeping. With Bri's oil recipe it's starting to grow now too, so we're just waiting for it to catch up with the front. We call him George Jefferson most of the time because it's so full at the top.

Today (Sunday), The weather is awesome.

We made it to church this morning with these two goofballs and now we're enjoying the rest of the day. After I finish dinner real quick, I'm sure Leah will ask to go out for Ice cream.


This is the cutest little outfit on Joseph. My mother in law found it here on Amazon. It came with a red and blue crab bow tie, but I exchanged it for another one he had already. To see more of my favorite things and items shown on my Instagram, go here.


Love, TL Hayden