How I Work From Home On A Baby's Schedule

A few of you bossmoms have asked me about my work from home schedule with kids. When you're an entrepreneur you have to sometimes take on every single position. You're the owner, manager, marketing director, social media director, etc. On top of that, add being a mom, wife, cook, cleaner, etc. As Leah got older, things got easier. Now that Joseph is in town, let's just say I no longer have a real schedule. Basically he's the boss and I work around his schedule, his feedings, playtime, diaper changes, and cuddle time.

My day usually starts around 5 am. This is also around the time the hubs leaves out for work. I make him his lunch, he leaves, and than I try and finish whatever I can before the kids wake up.

Since Joseph was born, I've lightened my workload a lot. Mainly because it's hard to get everything done without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Even the thought of having so much on my plate stresses me. Leah is also out of school until summer camp starts at the end of June. So, here's what my schedule looks like.

5am - 6am: brush teeth, wash face, read, maybe do some crunches and squats, coffee or tea. This is like my meditation/selfcare time to do whatever the heck I want.

6am - 9am: feed Joseph, put him back to sleep, check emails, do some work (blogging, designing a new product, or working on client projects).

9am : around this time both kids are woke! I'll change his diaper, wash him up or give him a bath, give him a bottle, make sure Leah washes her face and brushes her teeth, cook breakfast, eat, clean the kitchen.

11am: give Leah her snack, make her get dressed, then take my shower and get dressed.

12pm: feed Joseph, get him dressed, make Leah a snack, go for a walk or to the park or run errands, or it's play-time at home. I can't wait until they can actually play together, for now I'm often Leah's play date at home.

2:pm: make lunch, eat, house work (like laundry, cleaning the bathroom, or just tiding up the house.) Feed Joseph at 3pm.

Somewhere in between all the above, I make phone calls, try to complete at least one project if needed, and brainstorm on ideas. If I miss taking my shower which often happens I end up taking it some time at night...


4pm: start dinner and eat around 5:30 (no more late dinners, I'll fall asleep and then the food sits on my tummy instead of me working it off a bit)

6pm: feed Joseph, clean the kitchen, make Leah take her shower and clean her room.

7pm - 9pm: FAMILY TIME! I might get a 30 minute nap in while Joseph is with the hubs but I try to stay up and chill with the Mister. 

Sometimes, If I fall asleep, the hubs will let me rest until like 12pm. If i see he's very tired than I'll let him catch his nap first. 

9pm - 12am: feed Joseph, put Leah to bed (prayers and story time), put Joseph to sleep, watch more TV and chill with the hubs. Twist my hair before bed.

12am: feed Joseph, and the hubs and I go to bed for real... (sometimes he's already there, lol)

3am: feed Joseph


Most of the time my days go as planned and other times not so much. Especially when unexpected things are thrown into the mix. Some days are easier than others but that's life I guess. I don't get on myself too much anymore if something doesn' get finished. Theres always another day.

Without a schedule tho, I'd be all over the place. Having cut off hours from work is key so that I don't overlook my family and me time. I believe in having a clean space because it's our place of peace. When it's in chaos we are all unstable as well.


The hubs and I used to argue about my organization/ prioritizing issues, the house not being clean or dinner made when he got home. I use to take offense and feel like he didn't notice that I work all day too, but now I finally get it. After he has been out stressing during the day at work he should be able to come home to a peaceful and happy place, and not more things to stress about. When it's time for me to wine down I don't want to look at a dirty house either or wake up to one the next morning. Otherwise my entire next day will start off all wrong and I'll have an attitude that I have to clean before I can do anything. Consistency is also key with the kids, having a set schedule instills in them some order so they'll know what happens next and what they should be doing at certain times of the day.


I noticed he's more reluctant to play with them and give me a little time to rest when he come's  home to a clean house and eats, as well. It's sort of like that commercial where they need a snicker to function correctly. In return I expect my weekends of pampering, shopping, and hours to myself, even if it's just for a few.

Love, TL Hayden