A 2017 Reflection

In less than 24 hours it will be 2018 and my 34th birthday. 2017 has been a year of gratitude for me. You won’t find me partying in a party dress this weekend. Instead, I just wanted to relax in a nice hotel bed, with good food service, enjoy the count down, and take it all in with my family near

(This might just be a tradition. it's hard finding a baby sitter anyway. I'd where a dress sometimes too and lay in bed. That's just me).


You see, I’ve always known I wanted to be a creative entrepreneur.

Who knew God would send me a husband who wouldn’t mind allowing me to do what I love while he takes care of the rest. 

Life can be a roller coaster though.

We’ve struggled not having our own place to live, no real privacy, no steady income, not knowing what would happen next, ideas and business decisions have failed or hindered, and at times I felt like I wasn’t pulling my share. I just wanted to crawl into a hole, but in my ear I’d always hear “this is just a test”. 

Entrepreneurship is not a breeze.

You got to be ready to lose money, start over until you get things right, take risks, not get support, be misunderstood, and all.

I believe everything happens for a reason and that God builds up our faith in Him in different ways. In the past years, this little family of mine has had its share of highs and lows...

They say if you can survive 7 years of marriage you’re more than likely to stay together forever though🤗 

2008: Charles got a promotion at work and an offer to move to Atlanta. I quit a real job, ( as what some people say) We got married and moved!

2009: He lost his job, we moved back home, and lived with his mom and family.

2010: With my unsteady income, we soon moved to our own apartment... in one of Chicago’s top creative neighborhoods, with the best entertainment spots, shops, and places to eat (HYDE PARK). I owned a creative studio in Pilsen and then found out I was pregnant with Leah. Shit got real! I had to let my studio go. Leah was born in 2011, he found a new job... I worked from home... Life was good again.

2015: Charles job began to struggle with funding, he lost his job, we moved into the 1 bedroom basement of my moms, I continued to design while the hubs worked temporary jobs while searching for full time, Leah graduated from Kindergarten, I found out I was pregnant 🤦🏽‍♀️, Shit got real again.


2016: He found a steady job, a job he loves, one that sees his worth, one he could grow with. We eventually moved... to a nice place, a great kid friendly and family oriented area outside of Chicago. I tackled some of my biggest fears (like driving, don't judge me) and Joseph was born💕


I’d like to think God is building up our character, teaching us what to do and what not to do, so that when he gives us greatness we’ll know how to handle it.

I’m ending 2017, knowing that our past is what helps us get through new beginnings. Our relationship and family bond has strengthened even more, we’ve learned and we’ve grown.


I've been given me 2 beautiful kids and a husband who I don’t mind at all riding this roller coaster with. I’m thankful for having him as a partner who always tries to pull the best out of me. Thankful he’s one of the best dads ever and a perfect example to Leah and Joseph of what a man should be. I’m thankful for waking up to him every morning, thankful for the way he analyzes every little thing ( because I’m the spontaneous one, we have to balance each other out😔), how he makes me laugh everyday even if I’m mad, and how he’s my biggest supporter side from Leah. She watches me, get's excited when samples arrive that she has watched me design, and she tries to assist any way she can.


I’m thankful God has had our backs, thankful for the lessons learned, thankful for friends and family who love on us and have been there to help us along the way, thankful for not giving up on myself, thankful for customers and followers like y’all who keep me going through purchases, services, and kind words of encouragement, like telling me how much my work is the bomb or how I’ve helped you or inspired you in business and in life. I’m thankful for you, because you’re still here reading this. 

Me with the bossbabe and past client @poshinktees 

As an entrepreneur, I’ve realized when life changes, business may have to change as well, and that’s OK.

This year was an awesome year, traveling around the city with my work, collaborating with others, connecting with other girl bosses. It’s been a growth process full of Ah-Ha moments.


In 2018, I will be providing less full custom design work to spend more time with my family.

Time managment is key, and I'd like to be more present at home than sitting at a computer during the day and nights. As a Mompreneur you'll see more about my life as a work from home mom, entrepreneur, and behind the scenes with my family, while I continue to develop my brand, creative blog and product line.   


My only hope is that you stick around on this adventure of mine and enjoy the fun, because I can’t wait to throw more designs, tips, ideas, and inspiration your way💕


Love, TL Hayden

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