Joseph's 1st Birthday

How was your weekend! I'm loving all of your costumes and festivities on my social feeds. Our little man Joseph is turning 1 on Tuesday (Halloween)! This year went by so frikkin fast!!


Yesterday we decided to celebrate with a small party at our place with close family. Joseph has five other baby cousins who are all between the ages of 6 months and 1. It's almost as if we all decided to get preggers and have one baby after another.


We made the choice to not have a big party. One, he's only one and he's not really going to remember it. Two, both of our family sizes are huge and we're on a budget. 3. I just wanted something simple, where I didn't have to feel overwhelmed as a party host mom and Joseph wouldn't feel overwhelmed as the birthday boy. Getting all the babies together to interact with each other for the first time was perfect.


Since Josephs birthday is centered around Halloween, I figured we may as well start a tradition of costume parties. So, this will be our first year dressing up as a family on his birthday. At the last minute I decided we'd be Supermen and Supergirls. Yesterday Joseph and I matched for the celebration.

On Tuesday we'll dress together as a family. (Let's be real, this is because amazon didn't send us all our stuff on time!)

Anyway.... To accommodate our family we scheduled the day with time blocks. Early that morning we invited his grandparents, godparents and aunts/uncles to come through for their hugs and kisses. We invited the parents and babies over after for pizza and cake.

For a few more hours of fun we took them over to the children's museum . Joseph went straight to sleep when we got home, but I think Leah (my 6 year old) had more fun than anyone. This was our first time visiting the children's museum. We pass by it every week but we've never been. For $9 each the kids get to play with toys, dress up, and more. We'll probably go back on a week day when it's less busy, but overall we had a good time.



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Love, TL Hayden