WCW: Cardi B. and Milan Fashion Week

“Color is my fave and when I create mood boards for client brands, I love choosing images with fun, texture, and inspiration. I also stumble upon great patterns and colors through fashion. Welcome to the style series of my design diary.”

Todays woman crush Wednesday, goes to Cardi B and all her slayage during Paris Fashion month, this week in Milan. She, along with the help of her stylist, Kollin Carter, Killed It!

Cardi B and Paris Fashion Month 2018

Photo Credit: Splash News| Cardi B. Wearing a full Michael Costello look, from the designer's upcoming "Gitana" collection.

Cardi B and Paris Fashion Month 2018

The Nanny was my show back in the day. Cardi has always reminded me of Fran Drescher whenever she does her whiny voice antics. So, why not mix an ode to the Nanny during fashion week too.


And then there was this dazzled pink Dolce & Gabbana suit with extra long blond hair! You already know how I feel… SWOONING

Which is your fave?

Love, TL Hayden