4 Illustrators Who Advocate for Self Love & Mental Health Awareness

Pride month, the month for breast cancer, are two examples of month long holidays celebrated and respected by many. But what about Mental Awareness month? Mental Health Awareness month is celebrated and observed in May every year, but I think it is a bit underrated or overlooked. Ideally, mental health is an important factor in many lives, so I think it is absolutely wonderful that one month of the year is dedicated to several different mental issues and problems many happen to face everyday.


One unique way to celebrate could either be treating yourself to a nice mental health related gift from several creative and inspirational shops. If you would like to buy a thoughtful gift for a friend suffering with mental illness struggles, then Etsy shops are still a great choice! I think Mental Awareness month is an innovative month-long celebration, and I’m forever happy that there are Etsy shops that offer wonderful products that cater to it, and to hopefully help gain mental awareness a bit more notability. Here are some notable products from some of my favorite Etsy shops!

Breath, Daily Anxiety Journal

by Dominee Wyrick of BlessingManifesting

If you’re looking for a long-term helpful gift to either a friend or yourself for Mental Health Awareness month, then this is the one! Who doesn’t love a journal? I find them to be thoughtful and inspiring gifts as is, but this journal is a bit different, clearly due to it’s focus on anxiety and anxiety-related issues. It is designed very thoughtfully, and I’m sure that writing daily entries can help with your anxiety, and to accomplish your goals. It is more than just a typical journal/diary with lined paper, as it offers pages illustrated as “Anxiety Log”. This page allows you to jot down and analyze why you are anxious, how you are reacting, and what you feel like you need. With consistent upkeep with your anxiety patterns, you can be better prepared for the future.


Other page types included in this journal would be the “Worry” portion, which is just a typical page. You can feel free to write about your stressful day and current issues, and there is just enough space to do so! Luckily, 6 different designs are available, and this is a purchase that comes with a digital file that is printable. This gift can not only help those dealing with severe and or constant anxiety analyze their issues, but it can urge them to seek treatment or explain their anxious issues much better, and in much more detail.

This zine is not specifically crafted to tackle any specific mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, as it is aiming to help those cope with a number of different problems. From eating disorders to harsh recovery times, this zine is sure to help distract and deflect those in a negative mental state into engaging into more positive and mood-boosting activities. The descriptions and passages within the zine have a nice personal touch, so an individual can feel some sort of connection, and a longing to change themselves and their mood. Ideally, this is a perfect gift not only for Mental Health Awareness Month, but all year round to those who have suffered a recent lost or are going through a difficult time.

Self-Esteem Journal

by Rebekah of Journey To Wellness NZ

If not paid attention to or routinely “flourished”, one’s self esteem can seem to plummet. Especially if they feel they have no purpose in life, or are lost. Self Esteem goes a lot further than the occasional compliment, or the self-changing process that may occur, or any number of positive factors that seem like they can help, but really don’t seem to manage anything. That is why this journal is perfect, because it seems to advocate and push for different milestones relating to each day of the week that can always be reflected back on, especially is one is feeling down.


Like the anxiety journal, this journal is also in a digital download format, in which you can color and customize it just for yourself! The download happens to be in high-resolution quality therefore it is clear. The design accompanying with the journal is a bit cartoony and cute, but not too childish.

While it may be small, this enamel pin can really say a lot, especially for the month of Mental Health Awareness. The one-word message certainly goes a long way. This pin can be pinned to a bulletin board dedicated to mental health awareness, along with shirts, jackets, and more. It is a simple gift but sweet, and the word “capable” is sure to remind anyone that they are strong, and can take on the world head on while being themselves.


These gifts and self-care together are just some of the best ways to help fight/cope anything we’re going through.


Love, Victoria Shawver


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