Want It, Need It: 12 Spring Fragrances & Candles


When spring hits, I’m always down for cleaning up our home, introducing new smells, and buying new perfume for myself. When I look for bottles of perfume, not only do they have to smell good but the bottle has to be unique too. Here are 12 candles and perfumes on my list of faves. My daughter Leah has gotten interested in smell goods too, I’ve added one on the list for her that use to be my favorite in my 20’s. Can you figure out which one.

1.Soul Lychee Rose Candle 2. Large Ceramic Candle With Wooden Base 3. Festive Voice Pink & Gold Candle - Sugar Kisses Scent 4. Anthropologie Magnolia Home Kraft Candle 5. Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum 6. Cost Plus World Market Pink Magnolia and Peony Floral Lid Jar Candle 7. Marc Jacobs - Fragrance Daisy Dream 8. Roads Women's Paper Pink Candle 9. Diptyque Women's Ambre Candle 10. Vera Wang - Fragrance Glam Princess 11. Cost Plus World Market Pink Sea Salt and Sage Candle 12. Stella Mccartney Stella Perfume