She's The Business: Meet LuxeStyles Blogger Cass Butler

"This world is full of creative entrepreneurs, boss ladies, and momprenurs who've made the decision to do what they love. This series is all about shedding a light on them and bringing some inspiration to girlbosses everywhere." - TL Hayden


How did you get into blogging?

I wanted an outlet to fulfill the creative, authentic side of myself. The person I can’t always be from 9-5 without a call from HR *smile*. If I wanted to rant about women’s issues, talk about the fire in my belly for Christ, or just babble on the latest in style, blogging felt like my safe space to do that.

What would you tell another fellow girl entrepreneur who want's to become a fashion blogger?

Go for it! Feel the fear, and do it anyway. There will be many times you doubt yourself or have moments of insecurity. I tell you now use that as your fuel to get your message across this blogging medium. Do not compare yourself, your growth or, your milestones as you blog to one other person. Stay in your brand and your voice and it will resonate.

How do you stay creative?

It can be a challenge, that’s for sure. I have to check myself to be more “in-the-moment.” When I do that, I seldom miss opportunities or conversations where inspiration and creativity is sparked.

How do you stay organized to keep your blog flowing?

Aargh! It took me at least six months to figure this out. Other than using a blog planner, mind mapping has been my saving grace when it comes to keeping my blog flowing. This helped to kill my writer’s block when I was trying to force ideas after a super long day at my primary job. Using my blog as the center point, I created a branch for each topic I wanted to blog about (e.g. travel, style, inspiration, beauty, etc.). I then asked myself questions related to each branch and my readers on my mind-map. The ideas either generated blog topics or topics for further research. I generated all sorts of madness but I also came out of it with a 90-day plan that I could sprinkle with doses of “in-the-moment” ideas that were timelier.

What’s your favorite app to use for blogging and why?

I like Bitly a lot, simply because it makes URLs short and easily shareable. The analytics are helpful – I know who has clicked a link or shared it. It is another way to see what may have appeal to my readers.

Whats your favorite word or quote or verse for this year, and why?

This verse has been the guiding principle in my life for a number of years and I’d reflected it on it in good and bad times in my life. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.” Early last year during a prophetic encounter, the verse was given to me as a part of prophetic word. It has even more spiritual and personal meaning to me since that encounter.

Love, Cass Butler of The LuxeStyles