Woman Crush Wednesday: Hustle For The Pretty Things / Free Printable

Sometimes while I'm working I'll turn the TV on to one of my favorite chick flicks. You can catch me watching The Devil Wears Prada, Sex In The City, Confessions of A Shopaholic, or Pretty Woman.

The girls in each movie seem to always put me in a hustle for the pretty things kind of mood. I'm no fashionista but like any girl I do swoon over the cutest hand bag and shoes. Even when the shoes are like 5 inches high and I know darn well I'd never be able to wear them. Which brings me to my next free printable here at Love TL Hayden, a new Prada Print!

For the past few weeks fashion has been on my mind as I work on a collaboration with Illustrator Fisayo Quadri. Were not ready to give anything away about the collab just yet but here's a free print for all you fashion enthusiast to hold you over until!

Love, TL Hayden