Defoe Studio

I’ve been a fan of illustrator Sherrill Defoe for a  few years now. Her work exudes girl power and I’ve got plans to add her work to my place soon.

One of my favorite things she just released is her 1800-DONT-TOUCH-MY-HAIR iron-on patch. Below are my top picks from her shop, check her out!

Love, TL Hayden

I use coconut oil for everything, hair, body, teeth, lol. It’s so useful. That poster of the girls, is going up in my apartment somewhere... I just haven’t figured out where. That patch is going on a hat or jacket if it doesn’t sell out before I can get my hands on one, and one of those stickers needs to be posted in my notebook💕 Like anything you see? Click below to visit her shop.

Love & Lion Gift Wrap

I love shopping for cool gift wrap during the holidays. I’ve never been a fan of the old traditional Christmas gift wrap with Santa and his elves, or the typical gift wrap our parents and grandparents use to buy. So, all this week I’ll be posting some of my favorite wrapping papers for you to snatch up in time for Christmas. Today’s highlight goes to one of my favorite shops, Love & Lion owned by Jenni and Leah, two mompreneurs based in Nashville, Tennessee. They’re known for their creative temporary tattoos but this holiday they’ve created some fun wrapping paper too.

Macarons And Mimosas' Premade Logos and Branding

I stumbled upon Macarons and Mimosas this week, while curating some logo ideas for a few clients. I visited their shop and took a look at all their feminine logos and fell in love. The rose golds, gold foil textures, and the calligraphy fonts stole my heart so much I had to make Macarons and Mimosas part of my directory for all my fellow bossbabes. Macarons and Mimosas is a boutiqe design studio in Las Vegas, created by Lindsay, a designer and brand stylist. She has branding service packages ranging from $185 to $1200 but if you’re on a budget she offers premade quality designs too.

The pre-made branding designs you’ll find around here are not only gorgeous and budget friendly but time-saving as well if you’re looking to get your business/brand in the face of others pretty quickly.

Here’s some of my favorites from Macarons & Mimosas

Looking to brand your business or blog, and love the Macarons & Mimosas style and aesthetic, head over to their shop and pick out your new logo and more.

Love, TL Hayden

Christmas Stickers For Your Agenda

Hope your Monday is going well! It’s our first real snow day of the season here in Chicago. The big kid in our household is home since classes were canceled. In other words, I didn’t get much work done today but I thought I’d share my favorite Christmas sticker finds for all my planner girls. All are created by some of the most pretty dope illustrators on Etsy.

I’ll be purchasing a few of these soon since this is the season where I really get into planner mode and goals setting.

christmas planner stickers

Hope this helps your planner obsession!!!

Own a shop or consider yourself creatively dope too? Contact me to be featured, so I can blast you here on the site, my e-news, and my social networks. -Love, TL Hayden

Love, TLHayden

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Cashmere Nicole’s Beauty Bakerie

I’m in love with Beauty Bakerie’s entire brand from the look to the sweet packaging. They are also another brand on my Christmas list. Hopefully, the hubs is reading this because I’d like a few of their treats in my stocking.


Illustration by my girl Fisayo of

Beauty Bakerie is a banging black owned business founded by Cashmere Nicole, another plus in my book, because I’m always down to shop for the culture. She has survived many setbacks before getting to where she is now and a total inspiration to not give up. She’s a breast cancer survivor and a single mother.

I don’t even wear makeup like that, but when I see cool packaging, I swear it makes me want to purchase it, whether I’m going to use it or not. To be honest tho, their lip whip gloss and cake mix foundation is what had me at hello.

beauty bakerie

So, here’s another cool brand to love and support during the holidays. Treat yourself or gift to a friend or family member. I’ve got a couple of make up lovers and make up artists on my list who I know I could snag a few things for.

You can shop on line for Beauty Bakerie or find them at Sephora. Take a look!

Love, TL Hayden