Love TL Hayden, is a creative resource and lifestyle accessory brand and blog for ambitious ladies, female entrepreneurs, and creatives



The girl behind it all…

Founder, TL Hayden, loves textures, shapes, patterns, colors, and fonts. She enjoys using inspiration around her to develop fun and sassy designs and accessories made to resonate with life-lovers and dreamers.

Originally starting her career off as a freelance graphic designer, TL Hayden continues to help other women, especially mothers, jump-start their own business or re-brand themselves, by giving them a more professional look and mindset.

“I can relate to them. It’s also something about helping mother’s who want to follow their dreams while managing their family. Plus… they don’t mind sometimes hearing my kids voices in the background when we chat and I don’t mind hearing theirs:-).”

when she’s not working…

TL Hayden can be found blogging and curating inspiration and cool finds in her design diary.

She enjoys brunch and spending time with her family and friends!